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This Day in History (1991): 'Udhailiyah renovates, reopens family housing

After an absence of almost five years, the Aramco community welcomes residents again.

This Day in History (1991): 'Udhailiyah renovates, reopens family housing

From the September 1991 edition of The Arabian Sun


Emery and Mary Lynn Patten were officially recognized July 28 as the first family to move into the newly renovated residential area in 'Udhailiyah, the "Flower Community."


Attractive flower arrangements of roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums flanked the front door to the Patten home. Saudi Aramco officials presented individual bouquets to all women present as part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony welcoming the return of families to 'Udhailiyah after an absence of almost five years.


New arrivals were welcomed as they disembarked from a chartered company bus from Abqaiq. Officials shook hands with each new arrival, and then held a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by Abdulla M. al-Sabti, vice president of Southern Area Producing, and Makki F. al-Ghannim, manager of the Southern Area Community Services Department.


"We hope that you will be happy here, both in the community and in your Saudi Aramco careers," al-Sabti told the new arrivals. "It will be up to families such as yourselves and those families who have yet to arrive to create a friendly and caring community. We wish you all the best of luck."


Caption for top photo: The new 'Udhailiyah swimming pool includes a large shaded area for families, a sauna, and a pool.


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