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This Day in History (1967): ITC Learning Laboratory, newest in teaching aids

The new lab consists of a console and 36 student stations, one of the most modern systems in the world.

This Day in History (1967): ITC Learning Laboratory, newest in teaching aids

From the Sept. 6, 1967, edition of the Sun and Flare

"Console," "tape deck," "overhead projector," and other terms that make up the jargon of automation are now in common usage at Aramco's Industrial Training Centers with the unveiling of new teaching devices for the opening of the new school year.


First and foremost of the new teaching aides is the Learning Laboratory System (EDC-10) that is now in operation in Dhahran and will soon be installed at Abqaiq and Ras Tanura. Consisting of a console and 36 individual student stations (cubicles), this system is one of the most modern found anywhere in the world.


The first group of Dhahran students to make use of the sparkling new equipment was surprised and pleased with the lab.


Caption for top photo: SPACE-AGE EARPHONES characterize students and instructors using the new Learning Laboratory System at the Industrial Training Center in Dhahran. Consoles, operated by the instructors in the foreground, enable communication with students in individual cubicles or with the class as a whole.


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