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This Day in History (1952): Three railroad offices move to Dammam City from compound

Now located on the ground floor of the Custody, Traffic, Personnel, Personal Services and Translation building, the new site should save considerable time and confusion for customers.

This Day in History (1952): Three railroad offices move to Dammam City from compound

From the Sept. 3, 1952, edition of the Sun and Flare

The Saudi Government Railroad has moved three of its offices from the Dammam Railroad Compound into a new three-story building located in the heart of the expanding port city.


Telephone service is already available, and while the business of settling down in the new space is likely to continue for some time, the move seems already to be filling its purpose of serving better the interests of both the railroad and its consumers.


The offices now located on the ground floor of the newly constructed building are Custody, Traffic, Personnel, Personal Services, and Translation. These offices now hand the administration of all general and intermediate staff employees for the railroad from the new city offices.


Since the office first opened for business little more than a month ago, the Traffic department has been the focal point for merchants inquiring into shipments into Dammam and from Dammam to Riyadh. The Traffic office will also sell tickets in its new quarters, an innovation that should save considerable time and confusion at the Dammam Station.


Caption for top photo: Standing in front of one of the three offices of the Saudi Government railroad now located in a new building in Dammam City is Antone Layyous, Arab Personnel supervisor for the railroad, and Jamaal Bashir, one of the clerks in the Personnel Section. The new offices were moved from the compound the better to serve customers.


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