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This Day in History (1983): Small Projects Safety Awards presented to local companies

Al-Kettaneh Brothers of Dammam wins first place in inaugural event.

This Day in History (1983): Small Projects Safety Awards presented to local companies

From the Aug. 31, 1983 edition of The Arabian Sun

The Project Design and Construction Organization (PD&C) inaugurated its Small Projects Safety Awards (SPSA) Program with a semiannual awards presentation ceremony and luncheon in Ras Tanura.


The SPSA Program was created by PD&C to recognize outstanding attention to safety by local construction contractors on PD&C projects involving between 10 and 50 contractor employees and with a project duration of from two to 12 months.


Don Wilson, general manager of PD&C, and Muhammad Salama, manager of PD&C -- Northern Area Department, presented certificates of commendation to the winners.


Accepting the first-place award for Al-Kettaneh Brothers of Dammam was David Eddleston, their general manager. In a tie for second place, Saleh A. al-Yami, co-owner of Arabian Fal Company, and Mofareh al-Shammari, president of Mofaredh al-Shammari Establishment, accepted the awards for their companies.


The third-place award went to Al-Dabash Company and was presented to Madhi Hadi, the owner of the company.


Similar SPSA semiannual programs were held later in August in Abqaiq and Dhahran by PD&C-Southern Area Department, and PD&C-Central Area Department, respectively.


In addition, each of the three PD&C departments will hold annual overall assessment and award programs beginning in February 1984.


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