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This Day in History (1962): Super Tanker takes on record load of crude

The “Manhattan” is so large it cannot navigate the Panama Canal under any circumstances.

This Day in History (1962): Super Tanker takes on record load of crude

From the Aug. 29, 1962, edition of the Sun and Flare

Loading 718,597 barrels of crude oil and 68,018 barrels of bunker fuel oil, the Manhattan Tanker company's "Manhattan" established a record for single ship offtakings last weekend at the Ras Tanura Terminal.


Arriving at noon Friday, the world's third-largest active super-tanker began loading that evening at the North Pier's Berth 10. Pumping was halted several hours Saturday afternoon until the next incoming tide at 9 p.m. Saturday. The final portion of loading was then completed and the "Manhattan" departed at high tide early Sunday morning.


Destination of this cargo is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Launched in early 1962 and flying the American flag, the "Manhattan" is the largest tanker ever loaded at Ras Tanura. She is 940 long, 130 feet wide, and has a capacity of 105,568 deadweight tons.


Caption for top photo: TREMENDOUS BEAM of "Manhattan" shows clearly as she loads at North Pier's Berth 10. She cannot use the Panama Canal at any time because of her width.


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