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This Day in History (1973): Enrollment up 12% at Aramco schools

Twenty-eight new teachers expected in Aramco schools, much due to rise in student numbers.

This Day in History (1973): Enrollment up 12% at Aramco schools

From the Sept. 5, 1973, edition of The Arabian Sun

At least 1,230 students, representing an increase of 12.3 percent over last year's enrollment, will enter the three Aramco schools this Saturday to begin a school year that will see a number of changes in programs and facilities, as well as the arrival of 28 new teachers, a new school psychologist, and a new speech therapist.


Of the 30 new arrivals, 12 will be filling positions left vacant since the end of the last school year; 14 will be filling new teaching positions created by the increased enrollment; and the remainder will fill four of the six remedial or transitional positions created for the first time this year to help children who lack certain learning or academic skills.


The Dhahran School, as usual, claims the largest number of new students and the largest number of new teachers. At present, more than 540 students are enrolled in the elementary school and 254 are enrolled in the junior high school. since most of the increase has come at the elementary level (due to increased enrollment and return of the sixth grade to that level), 14 new teachers have joined the Dhahran Elementary School staff.


Caption for top photo: Teachers new to the Dhahran elementary school this year are from left, seated, Nancy Young, Becky Elitt, Mary Hittle, Nancy Cool, and William Powers. Standing are Sue Eckman, Sue Gillespie, Kathy Pattison, Steve Healty, Antone Andrade, Laurie Metzger, William Waller, and Wendell Beauchamp.


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