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This Day in History (1994): Company management tours Hawtah facilities

CEO and executive management visit GOSP, residential complex, and more.

This Day in History (1994): Company management tours Hawtah facilities

From the Sept. 7, 1994, edition of The Arabian Sun

Members of Saudi Aramco corporate and executive management recently attended a progress review and tour of the Central Arabia development facilities under construction in Hawtah.


Ali I. Naimi, Saudi Aramco president and chief executive officer; Abdullah S. Al-Saif, senior vice president of Exploration and Producing; and Seth L. Sharr, vice president of Project Management, participated in a tou8r of the Gas Oil Separation Plant, residential complex, industrial complex and oil field well site facilities nearing completion. 


A presentation on the status of the project, operation of the facilities and reservoir management was conducted by Central Arabia Development Projects in coordination with the Central Arabia Development Producing Division and Petroleum Engineering.


Abdulrahman A. Human, senior project manager, hosted the tour.


Caption for top photo: Ali I. Naimi, Saudi Aramco president and chief executive officer, and other company officials tour the Hawtah Complex.


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