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VIDEO: How does collaboration help the Kingdom come out smelling like a rose?

Through our citizenship initiatives, we work with the Taif House Farm and Al Yakuza Women’s Charity Association to make use of the region’s natural resources.

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Naif Al-Khaldi, farmer at Taif Rose House

I wake up longing for the farm after the dawn prayer. 


When I gather with my brothers, all we talk about is this farm, about the factory, how we can develop this product improve the farm, and take good care of it.


Faisal Al-Khaldi, farmer at Taif House

We head down to the farm for the harvesting process, which continues until nine o’clock or nine-thirty.


The earlier we pick the roses, the higher the quality, and the more we benefit from the precious oils within the Taif rose petals.


Afterward, this product is taken to a new process, which is distillation. The distillation process continues daily for 45 days until the end of the season.


We are six brothers, and out of loyalty and respect for our father, it is necessary for us to always take good care of the farm.


When we decided to work with Roesyar, we held several meetings to exchange ideas. Finally, it was agreed to provide them with Taif rose oil directly from the lab to the Roseyar factory.


Mashael Algethami, chairwoman of the Al Yakuza Women’s Charity Association 

In addition to the financial support Roseyar provides its beneficiaries, it also helps them build their confidence as they work for an initiative supported by Aramco.


Al-Khaldi said:

As a farmer, Aramco’s initiative was a great incentive for me to plant more. Roseyar’s initiative properly utilized the Taif rose, modernizing the way it is used.


Of course, with every sunrise, a rose story rises.


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