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This Day in History (1974): New wing to the Old House

Hamilton House to get new addition in stone.

This Day in History (1974): New wing to the Old House

From the Aug. 22, 1974, edition of The Arabian Sun

Both the look and the layout of Hamilton House will be altered dramatically when a new wing, faced in stone, is completed this autumn.


Adding 3,850 square feet to the existing building, the new wing and its adjoining areaway will provide space for five new apartments. Two more apartments are being installed in the original building, bringing the total number of apartments to nine.


The wing was designed by John Leslie of Beirut and is being constructed by Bin Zagr of Dammam, working with Dhahran Construction.


J.H. Canon is the senior construction engineer; E.M. Johnson is the construction engineer; and M.L. Hines is the acting superintendent of construction.


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