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This Day in History (1960): New Purchasing Department established by Aramco

President announces the move as the company expects local purchases to increase substantially in the years ahead.

This Day in History (1960): New Purchasing Department established by Aramco

From the Aug. 17, 1960, edition of the Sun and Flare

A new department, Dhahran Purchasing, will be established Oct. 1 to handle the steadily increasing volume of local buying of materials and supplies, Aramco President Thomas C. Barger announced.


The new department, a part of the Materials Supply, Traffic, and Transportation Organization headed by vice president R.S. Hatch, will take over activities of the Purchasing division of Materials Supply and Traffic, General Office.


Phillip R. Hassan, now general purchasing agent, Aramco Overseas Company, The Hague, will be manager of the Dhahran Purchasing Department.


He has held purchasing positions with Aramco in San Francisco and New York, and was with the M. S. and T. Department in Dhahran from 1950 until 1955.


President Barger's announcement stated that the new department is being established because of the expanding scope and volume of Aramco's local purchases, which now amount to about SR31 million annually.


With the continued interest and cooperation of Saudi merchants and importers, the amount of local purchases is expected to increase substantially.


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