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This Day in History (1967): Al-Khobar Co., DESCO merge for better service

To eliminate "blackouts," the new Dammam switch station is being divided into seven circuits.

This Day in History (1967): Al-Khobar Co., DESCO merge for better service

From the Aug. 16, 1967, edition of the Sun and Flare

Al-Khobar Electric Company and DESCO (Dhahran Electric Supply Company) have concluded a working incorporation this summer in an effort to supply the utility needs of the consumers of this area.


Headquarters of the new company are located in Dammam, the whole operation going under the name of DESCO. Certain economies and efficiencies are attained in centralizing the offices, in engineering, and in billing; combined capital of these companies makes possible substantial additions to the system.


Power for Dammam, Saihat, and al-Khobar was initially supplied by diesel plants, and gas turbines were introduced with the opening of a plant near Dhahran in 1965. At present, the plant consists of two gas generator sets each capable of producing 6,000 kilowatts of electric power.


To eliminate "blackouts," large areas of electrical failure, the new Dammam switch station is being divided into seven circuits so that a failure in one area will not become a community affair. A general coordination of the relay system in all these circuits is being undertaken, with the aid of Aramco technicians, so that power failures can only occur in small areas.


An American firm, Jones and Feller of Atlanta, Ga., has been retained by DESCO to prepare plans and supervise the expanded electrical system.


Caption for the top photo: MASTER CONTROL PANEL for the DESCO power plant in Dammam is operated by a Saudi employee. Currently being installed at the DESCO power house is a new 14,000-kilowatt generator that will boost the output of the station to 26,000 kilowatts, with a similar unit scheduled for installation next year.


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