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This Day in History: 'Queen Mary' being remodeled in Greece

The installation of an 80-foot extension and recondition costs $1.5 million.

This Day in History: 'Queen Mary' being remodeled in Greece

From the Aug. 7, 1963, edition of the Sun and Flare

The $1.5 million reconditioning of Aramco's drilling barge No. 136, formerly the "Queen Mary," is scheduled for completion the first week of October and should arrive in Saudi Arabia during the first half of November.


The renovation, done in the Hellenic Shipyards in Skaramanga, Greece, was begun on Feb. 3. This alteration entailed the cutting of a center section of the barge and the installation of an 80-foot extension.


Along one side of the barge, a pipe ramp will be installed with a maximum capacity of 42-inch diameter pipe. The unit will also contain mud pumps, mud storage facilities, and similar equipment for working wells.


The barge is also being reinforced at one end to support a 200-ton marine crane purchased in Holland and installed in Greece. The decking will be reinforced for a Manitowoc 400 revolving crane to be installed in Saudi Arabia as a standard unit.


After arrival, Clark units released from use in the northern area when facilities there wer electrified will be reconditioned and installed while the barge is in Ras Tanura.


The estimated cost of conversion includes the total renovation and all the equipment that will be added to the barge.


Caption for top photo: Two sections of the drilling barge are removed and floated out of the way prior to the addition of a new 80-foot center section. This is the first step in the $1.5 million reconditioning of the barge.


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