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This Day in History (1977): One-third of 230kv network ready

The new network stretches from 'Uthmaniyah to Ras al-Qurayyah.

 This Day in History (1977): One-third of 230kv network ready

From the August 3, 1977, edition of The Arabian Sun

Last week, only 10 months after construction began on Saudi Arabia's most powerful and sophisticated electrical transmission system -- Phase A of the project construction was completed.


The first steel transmission tower of the 230,000 volt (230 kv) network was erected near 'Uthmaniyah in mid-October of last year, signaling Phase A had been set in motion. Since then, 500 such towers have been raised, 92 miles of transmission lines installed, and four switchyard-substations nearly completed.


The system now extends from 'Uthmaniyah to Ras al-Qurayyah, representing about 30 percent of the total project.


The 230 kv network will eventually extend north to Safaniyah to span a distance of about 350 miles, and interconnect with existing transmission systems to form the backbone of a province-wide system for the Saudi Consolidated Electric Company in the Eastern Province.


Ultimately, the "backbone" transmission system will interconnect all electric power-generating plants located along the lines, and will step up the generated voltage of the whole grid network to 230 kv. The system will be capable of transporting bulk power in quantities up to 600 megawatts to any load center in the area.


Caption for top image: Power from Saudi Arabia's new 230 kv electrical network will soon be supplied to the Seawater Treatment Plant at Ras al-Qurayyah, seen at right. In the foreground is a switchyard-substation.


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