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This Day in History (1967): Bigger than life

The three new tanks stand 56 feet high and are over 253 feet in diameter.

This Day in History (1967): Bigger than life

From the Aug. 2, 1967, edition of the Sun and Flare

Three mammoth tanks, each of 500,000 barrel capacity, are the latest additions to the crude-oil storage complex at Ras Tanura Terminal.


The first, which went into service this week, was erected by Chicago Bridge Ltd. and completed by the Ras Tanura Division of the Construction Department.


The second is due for completion during August, and the third will be in September.


Covering an area of 1.16 acres each, the tanks stand 56 feet high and are 253-1/2 feet in diameter.


Caption for top photo: Crews put the final touches on one of three tanks that have been added to the crude-oil storage complex in Ras Tanura.


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