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This Day in History (2011): Scrabble group honors retiring luminary

Khan is another in a long line of former Scrabble stalwarts to hone their skills while working at Aramco.

This Day in History (2011): Scrabble group honors retiring luminary

From the July 20, 2011, edition of The Arabian Sun

Longtime Dhahran Scrabble Group (DSG) member Mohammed O. Khan, is on the verge of retirement. 


On June 25, the club honored its former president and gulf Scrabble Tournament (GST) coordinator at its regular meeting. 


The DSG is one of the oldest self-directed groups, dating back to the 1960s. Founding member Ishtiaq A. Chishty recently passed away in Karachi, but his son and grandson were on hand playing at the meeting.


The DSG is always looking for young players while developing regional champions such as Salah F. Mohdsalih, who recently took third in the GST held in Dubai.


Mohdsalih, the DSG champ, will represent Saudi Arabia in the World Scrabble Championship this October in Poland.


Caption for the top photo: Salah F. Mohdsalih, left, plays against Scrabble group luminary Mohammed A. Khan.


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