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This Day in History (1961): Ministry of Agriculture begins program to save al-Hasa villages

Government officials consider ways to stop the migration of giant sand dunes.

This Day in History (1961): Ministry of Agriculture begins program to save al-Hasa villages

From the July 19, 1961, edition of the Sun and Flare

The Ministry of Agriculture in the Saudi Government has launched an effort to stop the movement of a huge dune field that is bearing down on some villages on the outskirts of Hofuf and that threatens to choke off drainage in most of al-Hasa Oasis.


The dune stabilization project now under study by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and a number of Aramco specialists is approximately 16 miles long and four miles wide. It extends from below Abqaiq down to a broad front running eight to 10 miles east-northeast of the center of Hofuf, along the old road to Uqayr.


Investigators point out two imminent dangers from the relentless march of sprawling sand mass: inundation of villages and conditions deleterious to crops.


The southernmost portions of the field are already literally at the doorsteps of homes in some 14 villages, such as al-'Umram, situated north and east of the famed Qarah Caves. If some way is not found to stop the movement of the sand, the field could eventually inundate every settlement that stands in its path.


In an effort to advise the Ministry of Agriculture on the most efficient and economical way to stabilize the big dune field, Aramco personnel are now conducting exhaustive studies on the area both on the ground and with aerial photographs taken especially for this purpose.


Methods under consideration include building sand fences to change the contours of the dunes, the use of earth-moving machinery, asphalting exposed surfaces, and a combination of these techniques.


Caption for top photo: The Saudi Government's Ministry of Agriculture has initiated a program to stop the relentless movement of a huge dune field that threatens to bury villages on the outskirts of Hofuf. The dune stabilization project is now understudy by representatives of the Ministry and a number of Aramco specialists.


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