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This Day in History (1975) ADC Rig-4 tops in Drilling Game race

Rig in Abqaiq field tops competitors in both June and the second quarter.

This Day in History (1975) ADC Rig-4 tops in Drilling Game race

From the July 16, 1975, edition of The Arabian Sun

Arabian Drilling Company Rig-4, Loffco LST-1, and Aramco AMDP-2 were the first, second, and third place winners in Aramco's Drilling Game competition for June.


The men of ADC-4 continued their fine performance in the Abqaiq Field while the LST-1 crews did an outstanding job in drilling and completing two offshore Safaniyah oil wells.


It should be noted that LST-1 ended its contract 10 days before month-end -- while other rigs continued to add their tally -- and still managed to take second place.


The Aramco AMDP-2, a jack-up rig drilling an offshore wildcat, made its first appearance in the winners' circle by drilling from 9,236 feet to 12,278 feet with only one-half hour rig-controllable downtime.


The outstanding workover rig of the month was the Pool-118, which completed six workovers in the 'Uthmaniyah area during June. 


Halliburton was selected the Outstanding Support Service Organization of the month, and the men of W.D. Kent received the Distinguished Service Award for their outstanding job on a particularly difficult offshore well repair in the Zuluf Field.


June's two top performers also led Drilling Game results for the second quarter of the year.


Caption for photo above: Crew members of the Arabian Drilling Company Rig-4, first place winners for both June and the second quarter of 1975, line up in front of their rig.


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