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This Day in History (1963): Schools for Saudi girls to open in Rahima, al-Khobar

Girls schools will be built as one-story structures.

This Day in History (1963): Schools for Saudi girls to open in Rahima, al-Khobar

From the July 17, 1963, edition of the Sun and Flare

The first schools in the Eastern Province designed and built especially for Saudi girls are being readied in West al-Khobar and Rahima for the fall term.


Each school will have classroom, recreation, and supporting facilities for 300 students in Grades 1 through 6.


The school buildings, as well as funds for maintaining them and paying teachers' and staff salaries, are being provided by Aramco, which is assisting the Saudi Government in furnishing more adequate facilities for girls' education in Eastern Province communities where there are large concentration of company employees.


When completed, the new buildings will be turned over to the Director of Girls Schools in the Eastern Province, Shayk Ali al-Suqayr, whose office in Dammam, comes under the Directorate General of Girls Schools in Riyadh.


Unlike the 15 schools Aramco already has built for boys in the Eastern Province as part of Saudi Arabia’s education system, the new schools for girls will be one-story structures in the shape of a large "E." Two of the wings are to contain a total of 12 classrooms, and a third will have space for homemaking and art instruction, a library, and a small clinic.


Caption for top photo: ARCHITECT’S PERSPECTIVE of new, identical schools for girls in West al-Khobar and Rahima shows classroom wings (right and center), homemaking and instruction wings (left), and assembly hall space (foreground).


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