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This Day in History (1994): School Intercession Activities

Intersession month at Aramco schools provides a great opportunity to get the children outside in the good weather.

This Day in History (1994): School Intercession Activities

From the May 18, 1994, edition of The Arabian Sun

Intersession month at the Saudi Aramco Schools, brought another round of activities for students that were fun and educational at the same time.


There were all kinds of sports, like softball, archery, bike riding, kickball, soccer, and tennis, to get the children outside and take advantage of the nice weather. There were fine arts offerings — Knit a Pet Snake, Paper Crafts, Embroidery, Stir-fry Cooking, the Galloping Gourmet, Drawing, Jewelry Making, Stars on Stage and Folk Music — to stimulate the children’s creativity. 


To tickle their brains — Chess, Board Games, Puzzle of the Pendulum, Computer Games in Math, and Mystery Puzzles — were available. And to challenge them intellectually, there were activities with a more academic bent — Digging into Dinosaurs, Spiders, Science of Sound in Flame, French Exploratory, China for Children, Japan for Juniors and, of course, tutoring for students needing some extra help. For the children it all added up to Likeable Learning with a capital “L.”


Caption for top photo: In ‘Udhailiyah, students tried their hand at robin Hood’s favorite sport, archery.


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