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This Day in History (1989): Saudi Job-Skill Instructors Honored at Graduation Ceremonies

The number of graduates on the Job-Skills Instructor Training Certification program rises to over 50.

This Day in History (1989): Saudi Job-Skill Instructors Honored at Graduation Ceremonies

From the May 17, 1989, edition of The Arabian Sun

The Saudi Job-Skills Instructor Training Certification program, while still small and very selective, represents a quantum leap in Saudization of the company — Saudi instructors teaching Saudi trainees. On May 16, the fourth class of 10 Saudi job-skills instructors graduated from the program, bringing the number of graduates to 57 since the program’s inception in 1985.


The certification program is sponsored by the Training Department and is conducted at Ras Tanura Job-Skills Training Center by Northern / Central Area Training. Seven courses take the certified craftsman or operator, with at least five years of field experience, from his original occupation to a new profession — that of job-skills instructor or trainer. Each trainee is selected for the program by his department manager.


“This year Training has reached out to the line organizations and welcomed selected trainee instructors from the Southern Area Community Services and Mechanical Services Shops departments to participate in this training program,” says Ali M. Dialdin, general manager of Training.


The 10-month program consists of seven months devoted to classroom instruction and the final three months to on-the-job instruction and training. Major objectives of the program are to improve the trainee’s abilities in communication skill and develop his skills of analysis, conceptualization, idea implementation, planning and organization.


Upon graduation these men join the staff of instructors who train Saudi employees enrolled in Aramco’s industrial training program.


Caption for top photo: Graduate Fahad H. al-Mansour, center, explains the operations of a pneumatic positioner in moving a control vavle to fellow graduates, from left, Salih H. al-Salem, Yousuf H. bu-Hulaigah, Khalid S. al-Fuahid, and Mohammed T. al-Dohky.


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