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This Day in History (1972): Aramco directors re-elected for new term

The directors of Aramco and all incumbent officers are re-elected for another term.

This Day in History (1972): Aramco directors re-elected for new term

From the April 19, 1972, edition of Sun and Flare

All directors of Aramco, with the exception of D. M. McLeod who resigned upon retirement in March, were re-elected for another term at a meeting of the Aramco stockholders in San Francisco Thursday, April 13, 1972. All incumbent officers of the corporation, again with the exception of Mr. McLeod, were also re-elected.


T. D. Collier was elected vice president — Finance, and F. M. Moffett was elected comptroller, the position vacated by Collier; R. P. Wohlgethan was named assistant comptroller to succeed Moffett. Chairman of the Board Liston F. Hills was re-designated chief executive officer.


Collier, who has been comptroller since May 1968, joined Aramco’s Accounting Department in 1948 following studies at Springfield Junior College and the school of business administration of St. Louis University. During his 14 years in the comptroller’s organization he served in all three areas and General Office, advancing through such assignments as senior accountant, supervisor of Financial and Cost Divisions, co-ordinator of the Staff Accounting Division, chief accountant, and manager of the Data Processing and Administrative Services. In 1962-63 he held the position of director of Management Development. In 1965 he transferred to the comptroller’s function in the New York Office and in 1966-67 completed a one-year assignment with Standard Oil Company (Jersey).



Moffett has been an assistant comptroller since May 1968, while Wohlgethan moves up from the position of co-ordinator (relief), Accounting Staff and Analytical.



Caption for top photo: T. D. Collier


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