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This Day in History (1974): Annual review of operations, ‘Aramco 1973,’ out this week

The Aramco annual review of operations for 1973 shows incredible performance output across all operational areas.

This Day in History (1974): Annual review of operations, ‘Aramco 1973,’ out this week

From the April 17, 1974, edition of The Arabian Sun

Oil production by the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco) showed a continuing increase through the first nine months of 1973, but the cutbacks resulting from the October war in the Middle East slowed the pace of production during the final quarter.


Total crude oil production for the year was 2,677,146,337 barrels, according to statistics presented in the annual review Aramco 1973, just released by the company. Production averaged 7,558,987 barrels daily during the first nine months, but the subsequent reductions had the effect of lowering the year’s average daily output to 7,334,647 barrels.


The report cites estimated probable crude oil reserves of 164,520 million barrels as of the end of the year. This figure includes proved reserves of 96,922 million barrels.


Three oil fields were discovered in 1973, including Maharah, a new offshore field located in the Arabia Gulf between the Zuluf and Marjan fields, and two offshore fields, Qirdi and Abu Jifan in the southwest portion of the concession area.


Exploration activities continued in 1973 with five seismic parties conducting further surveys in the central, northern, and western part of the concession area and the costal area. Seismic crews operating in the vast desert area of the Rub’ al-Khali, or Empty Quarter, were supported by large helicopters to transport crews and equipment.


Caption for top photo: Of Aramco’s total 13,001 work force in Saudi Arabia, 10,238, or 79 percent, were Saudi employees or apprentices. Of the total 738 supervisory positions, nearly 300 were filled by Saudis, an increase of 18.3 percent over last year in this category in office and field operations.


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