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This Day in History (1966): Najran hosts oil exhibit

The Mobil Oil Exhibit proves to be popular with the locals of Najran.

This Day in History (1966): Najran hosts oil exhibit

From the April 13, 1966, edition of the Sun and Flare

Twenty-three Aramcons, most of them native to the area, flew to Najran to celebrate the opening of the Mobile Oil Exhibit on March 26.


After closing in Bishah at the end of February, the exhibit moved to this southern border city, the farthest point it has reached from its Dhahran origin, for a three-week stay.


The Aramco delegation was headed by Mohammed al-Ma’na, supervisor of Abqaiq Pump Station No. 4, who welcomed the citizens of Majran to the travelling display on behalf of Aramco. The Director of the Municipality of Najran, Shaykh Mohammed ibn Hussain, in turn greeted the delegates and expressed appreciation for the opportunity presented to the citizens of the area to learn more about this vital industry. Deputy Amir of Najran, Shaykh ‘Ulayan al-Mu’ammar, cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the exhibit.


During its first week the exhibit attracted 30,000 visitors, with 19,000 spectators attending film showings.


Caption for top photo: Deputy Governor of Najran, Shaykh ‘Ulayan al-Mu’ammar, center, and his entourage are escorted by Aramco’s Public Relations representative Mohammed Talib, left, into the three-winged Aramco Mobile Oil Exhibit, which opened March 26 in Najran.


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