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This Day in History (1974): Dhahran luncheon for a royal guest

Saudi Arabia’s Vice Minister of the Interior pays an official visit to the Eastern Province to inspect current projects.

This Day in History (1974): Dhahran luncheon for a royal guest

From the April 10, 1974, edition of The Arabian Sun

HRH Amir Nayif ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, Saudi Arabia’s Vice Minister of the Interior, paid an official visit to the Eastern Province last week to inspect current projects being carried out by the municipalities of the area.

Touring al-Khobar, Damman, Saihat, Qatif, Tarut, Safwa, Rahimah, Jubail, and al-Hasa, His Royal Highness surveyed new construction and development schemes, noting their influence on the standard of public services.

On Wednesday, April 3, a luncheon at the Dhahran Dining Hall was given to honor the royal visitor.

The head table had among its dignitaries Shaykh Mohammed al-Fayiz, Deputy Minister for Labor, HH Amir ‘Abd al-Muhsin ibn Jiluwi, Amir of the Eastern Province, and Majed Elass, Aramco Vice President of Public Affairs.

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