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This Day in History (1967): Review agricultural progress at Qatif

More than 30 agricultural experts attend the first seminar at the Qatif Experimental Farm.

This Day in History (1967): Review agricultural progress at Qatif

From the April 11, 1973, edition of The Arabian Sun

More than 30 agricultural experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, the College of Sciences at Riyadh University, and from Aramco attended the first seminar on vegetables and palm trees held at the Qatif Experimental Farm, March 31 to April 3.

The purpose of the seminar is to keep agricultural experts in the Kingdom abreast of recent agricultural progress in the Eastern Province and to find ways of improving the agricultural research and extension in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Muhammad as-Sa’di, Director General of Agricultural Research and Development and chairman of the seminar, stressed during the opening session the role of research in developing the various fields of agriculture.

He also emphasized that studies indicate there is great opportunity for expansion in agricultural production through the use of modern techniques, pest control, proper amounts of fertilizer, good seeds, and proper water management.

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