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This Day in History (1962): Final checks prepare plant for May trials

The plant is part of the company's continuing program to conserve gas and increase recoverable oil reserves.

This Day in History (1962): Final checks prepare plant for May trials

From the April 4, 1962, edition of the Sun and Flare

Engineers are making final mechanical checkouts on each component of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Injection Plant in Abaqiq in preparation for performance tests to begin next month.

At the same time, crews who will take charge are acquiring experience in running the plant under actual operating conditions.

The Abqaiq LPG Plant, which was planned as part of Aramco's continuing program to conserve gas and increase recoverable oil reserves, will collect and compress low-pressure gases and prepare them for injection into the north dome of the 'Ain Dar reservoir.

It has been designed to compress and liquefy 55 million cubic feet of gas per day with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This capacity is expected to rise in summer and be reduced in cooler weather.

One of the purposes of the May performance tests will be to determine maximum and minimum throughputs of gas that the plant can handle under a wide variety of operating conditions.

Beginning at the 'Ain Dar and Abqaiq GOSPs and the Abqaiq stabilizers, all of which supply the gas to be compressed, and continuing through the pumps for shipping the liquefied petroleum gas back to the 'Ain Dar reservoir, the Abqaiq LPG Plant project is a series of operating units linked as in a long chain.

Each individual component of the project must function perfectly in order for the plant as a whole to perform its job of supplying LPG for injection.

One of the innovations in the overall design of the project is the idea of transporting oil and gas together in one pipeline from the 'Ain Dar and Abqaiq GOSPs for separating in spheroids at Abqaiq, rather than separating the oil and gas at the GOSPs themselves, as is the usual practice.

Caption for the top photo: Abqaiq LPG Plant includes this combustion chamber for 15,000 BHP turbine, which will compress gas to be injected.

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