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This Day in History (1986): Car care expert reveals secrets of maintenance

Students learn variety of car repair techniques that can be done without the aid of an official "mechanic."

This Day in History (1986): Car care expert reveals secrets of maintenance

From the April 2, 1986 edition of The Arabian Sun

Have you ever sat in your care early in the morning, desperately searching for reasons why nothing happens when you turn the key in the ignition?

Or panicked when hot, black smoke suddenly billows out from under your hood while you are driving alone on a deserted street?

If so, you're not alone, says automotive expert Ernesto Lanuza, who points out that most car owners can't distinguish a carburetor from a radiator.

Happy exceptions to this dismal rule are graduates of Lanuza's Adult Education Automotive Preventative Maintenance course. Not only are they able to distinguish between basic ar parts, but they can converse comfortably about rotating their tires and "troubleshooting" their cooling systems.

More important, these same graduates know how to monitor the systems that "drive" the automobile, so sudden developments can be pinpointed before they mushroom into serious problems.

The students learn to identify potential problems by conducting routine "checks" on water, oil, brake, and steering fluids, radiator belts, and tire rations. For example, the car owner learns to take note of a brake fluid decrease over a period of days and have it corrected before it results in a brake malfunction.

"There are actually a number of repairs and changes that people can do on their own, without the services of a mechanic," claims Lanuza. His students become adept at changing spark plugs; flushing the oil and changing the oil filter; adjusting, cleaning, and "bleeding" (removing a trap of fluid in the line) the brake system, and tightening batter connections.

Caption for top photo: Car maintenance expert Ernesto Lanuza demonstrates to his students how easy it is to "flush" a car's cooling system.

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Caption of the top image: Car maintenance expert Ernesto Lanuza demonstrates to his students how easy it is to "flush" a car's cooling system. (NSC)


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