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This Day in History (2001): Jum'ah inaugurates R&D Center first phase

The Center reflected the company's continuing and expanding commitment to the future of petroleum research and development in the Kingdom.

This Day in History (2001): Jum'ah inaugurates R&D Center first phase

From the March 28, 2001, edition of The Arabian Sun

Abdallah S. Jum'ah, president and CEO, at a ceremony March 19, inaugurated Phase I of Saudi Aramco's new Research and Development Center (R&DC), a world-class facility that will enable scientists and engineers to innovate and develop cutting-edge technology.


The new Center, located on Dhahran Boulevard, is expected to save the company significant time and money in ways never before achievable. The existing center is at the intersection of Dallah Road and Dhahran Boulevard.


At the end of a general tour of the facility, Jum'ah remarked, "Research and development work is not new to us at Saudi Aramco. What's new about this project is that it provides a better work environment for the scientists of our company to help unleash their innovation and creativity.


"The nature and size of our oil fields and the huge magnitude of our operations as the largest integrated petroleum company in the world, and the operational challenges that we face during the execution of our activities pose unique challenges and require solutions that cannot be brought in from somewhere else in the world."


Jum'ah continued: "I am very happy to see in this center such a large number of high-caliber scientists and engineers. They are developing effective solutions for our operations for the challenges we encounter. They are not only solving problems but are adding innovative solutions and advanced technologies that reduce the cost of operations and achieve substantial savings for the company.


The Center reflects the company's continuing and expanding commitment to the future of petroleum research and development in the Kingdom and to the development of in-house research expertise. Officials said the center accommodates a shift in focus from service orientation to a blend of specialized services and applied research.


Caption for top photo: Saudi Aramco's new Research and Development Center in Dhahran is a blend of traditional and modern styles.


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