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This Day in History (1974) Eliminating Trial and Error

When brought to the surface, the jig tells fabricators what angles should be built into connecting pipe spools they are making for the new Abu Sa'fa underwater pipeline.

This Day in History (1974) Eliminating Trial and Error

From the March 27, 1974, edition of The Arabian Sun

Eliminating trial and error by divers working against time when tying in lengths of submarine pipe with pipe spools containing critical angles is the purpose of this "jig," designed and fabricated by Ras Tanura Maintenance services. 


The device consists of two universal joints, a centerpiece that telescopes and end plates that lock into place after acute angles between pipe lengths have been aligned mechanically on the Gulf floor. 


Brought to the surface, the jig tells metal fabricators and welders precisely what angles should have been built into connecting pipe spools they are making for the new Abu Sa'fa underwater pipeline for which the device was created by, from left, Ahmed al-Azhir, foreman, Boiler, Machine and Sheet Metal Shops; Machinist Hamden Zahrani; Hamed Ali, supervisor, Fabrication and Welding; Yahya Qumaish, foreman, Weld Shop; Hassan al-Mossiri of the Fabrication Segment, and Ali al-Salih, Layout Segment, Weld Shop.


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