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This Day in History (1961): Dhahran presents 15th Garden Show

Under the sponsorship of the Dhahran Women's Group, the show features the theme "Gardens Today and Tomorrow."

This Day in History (1961): Dhahran presents 15th Garden Show

From the March 22, 1961, edition of The Sun and Flare

"Gardens Today and Tomorrow," the 15th annual Garden Show scheduled for presentation March 30 in the Starlight Room, under the sponsorship of the Dhahran Women's Group, will feature a garden workshop. This will contain plants, flats, tools, and other helpful guides for successful gardening in Saudi Arabia.


Each member of the community is urged to visit the garden workshop and to submit examples of his own horticultural skill in the garden show's various classes for which prizes will be awarded.


These include quality of classes of various types of flowers and vegetables; artistic classes, including arrangements of miniatures, desert plants, oleanders, and periwinkles, and children's classes.


Caption for top photo: Dhahran Garden Group members meet at the Plant House, Building 1818, to pot and label plants that will be sold at Dhahran’s 15th annual flower show "Gardens Today and Tomorrow," March 30 in the Starlight Room. From left, members are Mrs. A.E. Perasall, Mrs. Williams Pender, Mrs. Fedor Bourgeois and Mrs. R.A. Sturgisll. The plants have been donated by group members from their own garden plots.


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