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This Day in History (1986): New directory is on the way; last chance to correct entries

The revised directory looked to employ different graphics and type to improve aesthetics and legibility.

This Day in History (1986): New directory is on the way; last chance to correct entries

From the March 19, 1986, edition of The Arabian Sun

If there's one book all Aramcons refer to regularly, it's almost certainly the telephone directory, a volume that most Aramcons flip through several times a day.


According to Esam Mousli, manager of Communications Operations, a new telephone directory will be issued this year, and "now," he says, "is the time to make certain your entry will be correct. We will save costs by incorporating correct, up-to-date listing information."


Individuals in all Aramco areas should update their existing telephone directory entry and make any corrections or changes. For most Aramcons, this can be done by completing the "turnaround" document mailed out in March.


"We work closely with Computer Services, Office Services, Organization and Industrial Engineering, and other departments, and we use information published in "Highlights and Notices" to keep the directory and directory assistance database up-to-date," says Ali M. al-Ghamdi, superintendent of the Network Operations and Support division. With the many recent reorganizations, this has been a challenging project; each change is verified by a call to the department.


All line organizations will also receive turn-around documents to update listings for the new directory.


Some of the planned changes are sure to delight users. Ali al-Duligan, senior supervisor of the Operator and Message Services Section, says that the new book will use different graphics and type to improve aesthetics and legibility. To make the personal listing section easier to read, each page will hold three columns and each entry will have three lines: highlighted name on line one, business address and telephone number on line two; home address and telephone number on line three.


The format for listing Arabic names will change. Arab names beginning with al- and el- will appear under the alphabet letter of the surname, rather than letter A or E. For example, al-Ghamdi will be listed under G, and el-Hassan under H. Only if the name is Alghamdi or Elhadi -- when no hyphen or space follows al or el — will the name appear under A or E.


The beginning pages, which hold information on the director contents; how to dial; worldwide telephone or telex numbers; general information; special services numbers; and national and international call area codes, rates, zones, and time differences , will be improved graphically and will also feature a "How to Use the Directory" page.


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