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This Day in History (1957): Equipment Services Section accentuates safety in Abqaiq

Slogans such as “Look and Live,” “Caution,” and “Beware” displayed prominently to raise safety awareness.

This Day in History (1957): Equipment Services Section accentuates safety in Abqaiq

From the March 20, 1957, edition of The Sun and Flare

In conjunction with their safety campaign, the Equipment Services Section of the Abqaiq Maintenance and Shops Division has been routing all mobile construction equipment to the Maintenance and Shops Paint Shop for painting overhauls.


Short, concise safety slogans, written in both Arabic and English, are being stenciled on the equipment in color schemes designed to add emphasis to their slogans and their meaning.


Such slogans as "Look and Live," "Watch Out for Moving Equipment, " Stand Clear," "Caution," and "Beware" are being prominently displayed on the sides and yokes of carry-alls, DW-20 and DW21 Caterpillar tractor and scraper combinations, and bucket loaders, as well as on the cabs, and booms of cranes, shovels, backhoes, and other equipment in this category.


The Abqaiq program has been extremely effective in drawing attention to the hazards of heavy mobile equipment. It is also proving useful in safety campaigns for the various outlying areas and jobsites where safety posters are limited or non-existent.


Caption for top photo: All mobile construction equipment in Abqaiq is receiving a fresh coat of paint, and safety slogans in English and Arabic are being stenciled on the vehicles.


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