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This Day in History (1994) Sea Island No. 4 T&I Completed

The time planned for the T&I was 40 percent less than previous Sea Island T&Is.

This Day in History (1994) Sea Island No. 4 T&I Completed

From the March 23, 1994, edition of The Arabian Sun

The largest docking terminal on the east coast of Saudi Arabia, Sea Island No. 4, recently completed an enormous Testing and Inspection (T&I), including extensive repairs and upgrading to almost all systems.


This T&I was an enormous undertaking because of the size of the terminal which can load the largest ships with all types of crude oil (Arabian Extra Light, Arabian Light, Arabian Medium and Arabian Heavy). It included extensive repairs and upgrading to almost all systems at the Sea Island.


The T&I began July 1, 1993. It was completed Jan. 15.


The operation was completed safely and on schedule due to the careful planning and dedication of the Terminal Maintenance Department and contractor personnel assigned to this project.


This time planned for this T&I was 40 percent less than previous actual Sea Island T&Is.


T&I is the work of testing and inspecting plant equipment while the plant is out of service. A T&I prepares a plant for many years of further productive service.


The T&I was completed on schedule with no lost-time incidents. Sea Island No. 4 is now ready to withstand the forces of the environment for another five years when the next T&I is scheduled.


Caption for top image: Sea Island No. 4


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