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This Day in History (1952): Oryx stalled at Hobby Farm

Once common in Arabia, the oryx population has declined precipitously over the years.

This Day in History (1952): Oryx stalled at Hobby Farm

From the March 12, 1952, edition of the Sun and Flare

Within a few months, the Philadelphia Zoo is going to start boasting about its oryx. 


The oryx is a white-haired animal, fleet of foot, with long straight dangerous horns. The female's faces are spotted gray; the males are black. Long ago, the oryx Beatrix was common enough on the Arabian peninsula. Today, however, the species is near to being extinct.


Rare in Arabia, the oryx is rare still in America, so that the City of Brotherly Love can well afford to boast of its expected newcomer. The oryx will be the gift of Bill Burleigh of the Local Government Liaison Division, who received the animal about a year ago -- when it was much more docile -- from H.H. Amir Sa'ud Ibn Jiluwi, Amir of al Hasa. Any Aramco employee who would care to preview what will please Philadelphians on their stroll through the zoo, has only to head over to the Hobby Farm.


The Hobby Farm lies on the road to the driving school, down toward al Khobar. The idea behind the Hobby Farm goes far back into the history of Dhahran, and the project has always been maintained as a private employee venture by a group of animal lovers.


The present site of the farm is less than a year old. Creeping sand cleared the Farm from its old site, and in selecting the new location, the members were careful to find a spot free from dunes.


Though the oryx is the wildest, it is by no means the only animal on the hobby farm. Some of the members have rabbits and chickens. There are also geese, pigeons, two goats, two gazelles, two burros, and a monkey. But principally, you see horses, horses, horses.


Caption for top photo: Gently curious, a young female oryx peers into the camera as a male of the species (in the foreground) turns away.


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