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This Day in History (2000): Rugged piece of company's heritage goes on display

The Aramco Power Wagon carried geologists and drillers across the desert during the company's early days.

This Day in History (2000): Rugged piece of company's heritage goes on display

From the March 8, 2000, edition of The Arabian Sun

A sparkling nugget of Saudi Aramco history is parked in front of the Community Heritage Gallery. It's really worth checking out -- after all, it's not every day that you get to see a bright red 1952 Dodge Power Wagon.


The restored, fully functional vehicle was donated to the gallery last fall by Distribution Operations.


The Power Wagon -- often called the classic four-wheel-drive truck -- once served as the lightweight workhorse of the company. It safely carried geologists and drillers along desert tracks and over roadless territory, for example.


The Transportation Unit of the Riyadh Administrative Service Department refurbished the truck.


"I first saw the vehicle while on an inspection tour in Riyadh. Its restoration was very impressive," said Khalid A. Al-Nafisee, vice president, Distribution Operations. "Since it was one of three that the unit had restored, I thought it would be nice to put one of them in a high-profile location where more employees could see it."


The truck was the type used in the 1950s by the Land Transportation Department to lead convoys into the Rub' al-Khali and along Tapline, said Abdel Monem S. Al-Maghlouth, supervisor, Riyadh Transportation Services.


Caption for top photo: Abdel Monem S. Al-Maghlouth, right, hands the keys to the Dodge Power Wagon to Suliman A. Al-Rasheed, manager, Central Community and Office Services Department, in front of the Community Heritage College.


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