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This Day in History (1997): Shaybah Project Pipe Delivery Begins

Company prepares to build a nearly 400-mile pipeline between remote Rub' al-Khali location to Abqaiq Plants.

This Day in History (1997): Shaybah Project Pipe Delivery Begins

From the March 5, 1997, edition of The Arabian Sun

Saudi and Italian manufacturers have begun delivery of pipe that will link the remote Shaybah oil field in the Rub' al-Khali desert to Abqaiq Plants.


The 638-kilometer (393-mile) pipeline is a key part of the fast-track project to bring 500,000 barrels per day of Arabian Extra Light Crude oil from the Shaybah field on line in mid-1998.


The orders to manufacture the pipe and epoxy coat it were processed by the Purchasing Department in Dhahran.


The accelerated schedule for the Shaybah development effort dictated that 60 percent of the 117-centimeter (46-inch) pipe for the project could be manufactured in the Kingdom. The National Pipe Company in al-Khobar has begun delivery of that portion of the pipe.


Aramco Overseas Company B.V. in Ledien, the Netherlands, is supervising the inspection and will expedite the shipment of the remainder of the pipe, weighing 77,700 metric tons, from Italy. The first shipment of 8,000 tons of pipe was loaded onto the M/V Leader in Tranto, Italy, on Jan. 28, with the rest of the shipments scheduled through May.


All of the pipe coating for the project is being performed by Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating Terminal in Dammam and Arabian Pipe Coating Company in Jubail.


Caption for top photo: J.R. "Roel" Timmer, Aramco Overseas company B.V. purchasing agent, was present in Taranto, Italy, on Jan. 28, when the first 8,000-ton shipment of pipe was loaded onto the M/V Leader.


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