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This Day in History (1961): Mobile canteen now in service

The facility has its own diesel-powered electric plant.

This Day in History (1961): Mobile canteen now in service

From the March 1, 1961, edition of the Sun and Flare

A new air-conditioned trailer to serve as a mobile canteen for Aramco employees assigned to the GOSP's in the 'Ain Dar, Shedgum and Buqqa areas was placed in service recently.


The mobile unit has 450 cubic feet of chilled-and-freeze space for storage of fresh produce, butter, frozen juices, and milk, and a wide variety of frozen meats and fish. More than 80 feet of shelving are available in the unit to accommodate a complete stock of grocery and canteen items.


The mobile canteen, which has its own diesel-powered electric plant, was built in Holland for use by the Retail Services section of Abqaiq Community Services Division.


Caption for top photo: From left, Bill Bordeleau, Amer ibn Mohammed, Mohammed ibn Sa'ud, Adheem Misfar, and Lloyd Wilson of the Abqaiq Community Services Division stand before the mobile canteen that serves Aramco employees assigned to the Gas-Oil Separator Plants in the 'Ain Dar, Shedgum, and Buqqa areas.


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