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This Day in History (1979): A Dry Dock 'First'

The job took 75 men working in the dry dock to complete.

This Day in History (1979): A Dry Dock 'First'

From the March 7, 1979, edition of The Arabian Sun

A major overhaul involving the replacement of over 75 percent of the hull plating below the water line of the 423-ton maintenance and diver support vessel "Rimthan-I”) was completed in the chartered floating dry dock off Ras Tanura's West Pier.


A first for Aramco, the job took four weeks and involved over 75 men working in the dry dock. It also included other work such as repairing the engine room equipment and completely refurbishing the crew's quarters.


The ship had suffered severe damage to the hull from crude oil loading buoys during heavy weather over the past two years.


The vessel was built in Holland by Scheepswerf and Machinefabriek, and was commissioned as part of the Aramco fleet in 1971.


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