Environment Week

Environment Week: Small actions, big impact

Aramco invites employees and dependents to help protect our valuable water resources by making changes to their daily habits.

Environment Week: Small actions, big impact

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture is establishing and implementing an annual Environment Week in the second week of March. 



Each year, the week will help highlight the importance of conserving natural resources — it will be a time to encourage actions among governments, businesses, nongovernment organizations, and individuals, to take solid steps to protect the environment. 



Aramco already plays an essential role when it comes to protecting and safeguarding the environment. The company is committed to improving air quality, conserving and reusing water, protecting and restoring marine and terrestrial resources (such as mangroves and native trees), and protecting and enhancing biodiversity. 



During Environment Week, Aramco’s Environmental Protection organization invites employees and their dependents to contribute further by making changes to daily habits to save resources. Take the initiative by conserving energy and water, for example, and by recycling and protecting the Kingdom’s wonderful biodiversity. Small steps, when taken by many people, can make a big difference. 



Aramco’s commitments are applicable year-round, of course — not only during Environment Week — and we encourage individuals to act responsibly throughout the year.  


Read more about Aramco’s Environmental Protection efforts at the following links:




Caption for top photo: Aramco has driven an effort to plant millions of mangroves to help the environment.


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