Mangrove Eco-Park

VIDEO: Preserving and protecting the Kingdom’s unique habitats.

Aramco’s Mangrove Eco-Park project has multiple environmental benefits.

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Across our operations, we aim to preserve natural habitats. The Mangrove Eco-park Project was created to protect and restore mangrove forests. Mangroves have several environmental benefits including protecting coasts from erosion, providing nursing grounds for marine life, absorbing more carbon than rainforests.


The Eco-Park also educates local communities about mangroves spanning 63 square kilometers. The Eco-Park features a biodiversity lab to study the area’s ecosystem, a mangrove plant nursery, over 100 migratory birds that visit the park annually.


The Mangrove Eco-Park builds on our mangrove forestation efforts to protect the Kingdom’s unique habitats for generations to come.


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