Drones Help Plant Trees

VIDEO: Through IR4.0 technology, we plant native trees up to 10 times faster

See how breakthroughs in unmanned aerial vehicles and related technologies helps the Kingdom keep the desert at bay.

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Our project to use drones to plant 100,000 trees shows how we are leveraging Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) technologies.


Al-Hasa National Park was chosen for this project to support vegetation development in the Kingdom. 


Naif Alabdullatif, environmental scientist

Sandstorms are a major challenge, as they can severely impact seed growth. We have, however, overcome this challenge by planting shrubs strategically around the project location.


Drone planting is approximately 10 times faster than the traditional planting method.


You see this seed ball? It contains seeds inside it.


The process starts with taking numerous seed balls and filling them in the drone. Then, the drone flies accurately over a predefined planting area and automatically dispenses the seed balls, where they will penetrate the ground.


Plant data is collected and monitored by mapping the location with drones equipped with sensors. These drones provide the necessary information on plant health.


We aim to expand our advanced forestation applications and further utilize drones in our initiatives.


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