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This Day in History (1975): Decompression Simulation

Training session allowed divers to experience pressure equal to a depth of 100 feet of water.

This Day in History (1975): Decompression Simulation

From the Feb. 5, 1975, edition of The Arabian Sun

Members of the Abqaiq Chapter of the British Sub-Aqua experience the effects of decompression at a recent training session in Ras Tanura.


The amateur divers were subjected to pressure equal to a depth of 100 feet of water for five minutes and lowly brought back to atmospheric pressure before they emerged from the Decompression Chamber at the West Pier.


The chamber is designed for treatment of a condition known as the bends, which occurs when the diver ascends too rapidly from the depths. 


Caption for top photo: Ken Baratko, Jim Fraser, and Jim Brown train inside the inner chamber. William Thompson and Tony Worth are seated in the outer chamber.


On this date

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