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This Day in History (1956): People of Aramco — Maintenance and Shops, Abqaiq

Maintenance and Shops workmen keep the community moving.

This Day in History (1956): People of Aramco — Maintenance and Shops, Abqaiq

From the Feb. 1, 1956, edition of the Sun and Flare


Does your roof leak or plumbing need repair? 


Got an electric generator that must be fixed?


Do you need a new paint job or new tracks for your tractor?


No matter where you are in Abqaiq, you are sure to make contact with the Maintenance and Shops workmen who do a variety of repair and maintenance necessary to keep buildings, plants, and equipment in good running order.


Their work is as diversified as that required in an average American town, with the additional responsibility of maintenance and repair on industrial facilities. Here, versatile craftsmen provide maintenance on times from miniature instrument controls to a 50-ton crane.


Craftsmen represented include carpenters, painters, masons, plumbers, sheet metal workers, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, electricians, instrument mechanics, business machine repairmen, machinists, pipefitters, boilermakers, welders, crane and tractor mechanics, road building and maintenance crews and others.


A great part of the work is performed by Saudi workmen, guided by a small number of highly skilled American craftsmen.


In addition to the hand tools used in Field repairs, there are well-equipped shops for each craft where it is possible to fabricate almost any item for industrial or domestic use.


Caption for top photo: Buddy Haug, supervising craftsmen (Shope Machinists), and Abdullah Khan, machine operator, watch the progress of a drilling equipment job.


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