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This Day in History (1972): Marine Captains Under Training at Ras Tanura

Consultant uses textual and visual aids to prepare sea going employees for working in the gulf.

This Day in History (1972): Marine Captains Under Training at Ras Tanura

From the Feb. 2, 1972 edition of the Sun and Flare


Nine captains of the Marine Division at Ras Tanura early last month completed the first in a series of eight-day training courses in navigation of the Gulf waters normally plied by company tugs and launches.


Captain Douglas Adey, who designed the course and now teaches it, is a consultant to Aramco from the British-Kuwaiti firm of Lambalco. His students make use of such textual and visual aids as navigation maps and charts, compasses, illustrations and model tugs and launches. One day's practice training follows completion of the classroom sessions.


Training for the first group began Dec. 26 and ended Jan. 5. Students in the first session were Hussain Mohammed al-Ghamidi, Nayif Dhaifullah al-'Utaibi, Ahmed Abdulla Abu Surur, Salih al-Ansari, Musfer Odha al-Ghamidi, Abdulla Mohammed al-Khater, Salman 'Ali al-Mutlaq, Hashim Nima as-Sadah, and Nasir 'Abd ar-Rahman Zuhairran, foreman of the Tugs Unit.


It is anticipated that all captains of the Marine Division will have completed this navigation training by the time the course ends on Feb. 26.


Caption for top photo: Captain Douglas Adey explains day hoist signals used by various ships, tugs, and launches during a classroom session of the navigation course he is currently conducting for captains of the Marine Division at Ras Tanura.


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