Week in Review

Week 1 in Review: CEO message, Made in Saudi, 10,000 jobs completed, and more

With seven shops located strategically across the Kingdom, Aramco’s Mechanical Services shops Department backs up a decades-long legacy with a new record.

Week 1 in Review: CEO message, Made in Saudi, 10,000 jobs completed, and more

In Week 1 of 2023, past accomplishments and future goals became the focus. Here’s a look back at the past week and some of its top headlines.


Made in Saudi Arabia: Aramco recognizes elite partners

Those partners of Aramco’s Engineering Services who have demonstrated excellence in local manufacturing have been lauded at a special awards ceremony held in the company’s headquarters in Dhahran.


The 2022 Local Manufacturers’ Quality Excellence Awards are designed to recognize excellent service provision, a high level of Saudization, and the reliability of the supply chain, not just for Aramco and the Kingdom, but for the entire region.


The awards are divided into three categories — Large Manufacturers, Small and Medium Manufacturers, and Best Improved Quality Performance. 


“It’s more evidence that together we are building a ‘Made in Saudi Arabia’ supply chain, improving Aramco’s resilience, and enhancing our ability to supply energy to the world,” said Motaz A. Al Mashouk, Aramco’s senior vice president of Engineering Service.


Click here to see the full story and list of winners.


A record setting effort: 10,000 jobs completed

Toward the end of 2022, Aramco’s Mechanical Services Shops Department (MSSD) accomplished a new record of 10,000 completed jobs, serving more than 60 customers. 


This remarkable achievement came with with zero safety incidents, while unprecedented records of high quality and efficiency were maintained, reflecting the department’s commitment to excellence. 


Last year, MSSD inaugurated its new state-of-the-art facility in Ju’aymah, hosting a total of 42 advanced digital machines — including the first in-Kingdom robotic laser cladding machines — in addition to the newly established Reverse Engineering Center. This facility is a significant leap in capabilities, enabling MSSD to overcome the challenge of lead times associated with sourcing spare parts.  


Abdulaziz Al Eisa, MSSD manager, said: “We have always invested in our capabilities, as MSSD has always demonstrated to be a crucial element of Aramco operations that contributes to the company’s resilience and agility. We focus on our human capital development as we prepare numerous training programs to unlock new advanced capabilities to cope with the company’s growing expansion and provide prompt, safe, and reliable repair solutions.”


A Message from the CEO

Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser congratulated employees on a record-setting year in 2022, and pointed toward intensified efforts to meet the energy needs of the world while preparing for a materials transition, all while keeping an eye toward our net-zero aspirations in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


“Going forward, our focus on performance will only intensify as we position Aramco for future success,” he wrote in his annual message.


Most viewed in 2022? World Cup, National Day, and more 

Aramco LIFE brought its people together with several highly visible campaigns and articles, ranging from appointments and financial results to the ultimate football contest.


As we concluded the list of 50 most viewed articles over the past year, see what finished at (or near) the top with the last installment of our Top 10 most viewed articles of the year.


More than kicks: Aramcon excels at National Championships

Encouraged by the explicit emphasis Saudi Aramco places on the holistic wellbeing and overall development of manpower, Ahmad A. Alghamdi, an operator at Ras Tanura Refinery, keeps his passion for karate as his favorite sport and his commitment in the workplace side by side. 


Recently, Alghamdi won a silver medal in a karate tournament organized by the Saudi Arabian Karate Federation under the custody of the Saudi Ministry of Sport. 


“Practicing sports and competing in national competitions teach me how to set clear goals, develop plans, and put these plans in actions to fulfil my ambitions,” said Alghamdi.



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