A Working Record

Celebrating record 10,000 completed jobs

Aramco’s Mechanical Services Shops Department accomplishes a new record in jobs completed.

Celebrating record 10,000 completed jobs

Toward the end of 2022, Aramco’s Mechanical Services Shops Department (MSSD) accomplished a new record of 10,000 completed jobs, serving more than 60 customers. 


This remarkable achievement came with with zero safety incidents, while unprecedented records of high quality and efficiency were maintained, reflecting the department’s commitment to excellence.


Throughout, MSSD capitalized on its strategically located facilities across the Kingdom, reliable network of local contractors, and highly responsive field services for heavy industrial turbines.


A 65-year legacy 

MSSD was established in 1956 as a crucial enabler for Aramco’s pledge of becoming the world’s most reliable supplier of energy via the provision of maintenance services and solutions. 


Initially, the department’s services were conducted in the first repair facility in Dhahran, serving only a few customers with a limited capacity. Today, the department serves more than 60 customers through seven shops in strategic locations across the Kingdom, while managing a large reliable network of 70 local contractors.


A worthwhile investment 

Last year, MSSD inaugurated its new state-of-the-art facility in Ju’aymah, hosting a total of 42 advanced digital machines — including the first in-Kingdom robotic laser cladding machines — in addition to the newly established Reverse Engineering Center. This facility is a significant leap in capabilities, enabling MSSD to overcome the challenge of lead times associated with sourcing spare parts.  


Abdulaziz Al Eisa, MSSD manager, said: “We have always invested in our capabilities, as MSSD has always demonstrated to be a crucial element of Aramco operations that contributes to the company’s resilience and agility. We focus on our human capital development as we prepare numerous training programs to unlock new advanced capabilities to cope with the company’s growing expansion and provide prompt, safe, and reliable repair solutions.”


Thanks to such a pivotal investment, MSSD can now reverse engineer spare parts in-house with original equipment manufacturers’ quality, and in line with Aramco engineering standards. This avoids lengthy lead times for spare parts, strengthening the resilience and agility of Aramco plants.


They say once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you are part of the road. In MSSD, we leveraged the latest technologies available and utilized them as stepping stones to achieve this historical milestone.
— Abdullah Al Amoudi, maintenance engineer


Bayan Alkhuraim, Planning and Performance Management group leader, said: “MSSD has undergone a transformative change in its work environment, becoming a leading example of a highly productive, diverse, and inclusive organization. Witnessing this shift in organizational culture makes me, as a young female leader, immensely proud, as we will undoubtedly inspire many young and talented up-and-comers to take charge of their future and follow their passions.” 


Remarkable resilience

Over the past few years, the industry faced many challenges originating from disruptions to the global supply chain, as well as geopolitical tensions. During such trying times, MSSD’s services were vital to fortifying Aramco’s resilience, enabling the company to strengthen its global image as the most reliable energy supplier. 


Fahad M. AbdulKareem, Industrial Services senior vice president, said, “MSSD has always proven to be the provider of choice for maintenance solutions powered by the latest technologies in this field, as well as highly skilled manpower. 


MSSD is truly the home of innovative maintenance solutions.
— Fahad M. AbdulKareem


Reaping the rewards 

Since 2015, MSSD received a total of 14 presidential excellence awards — testament to its strategic clarity, investment in human and technological resources, and overall culture of excellence. 


The accomplishment of 10,000 completed jobs is not merely the result of a year’s work. Rather, it is the outcome of a long journey of excellence, and bodes extremely well for the future.


Naif Aljehani, machine tool operator, said, “As a technician working at the heart of MSSD’s operations, I am proud to have direct contribution to such a great achievement. I have been provided with continuous development opportunities that enabled me to adapt with the evolving technologies we bring home.”


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