Year in Review

Top 50 Most Viewed in 2022: Aramco LIFE’s Nos. 40 through 31

The anniversary a Max Steineke dedication, the glory of sport, record financial results, and a travel guide to India’s Golden Triangle highlighted among year’s most viewed articles.

Top 50 Most Viewed in 2022: Aramco LIFE’s Nos. 40 through 31

Aramco LIFE is counting down the top 50 most viewed items over the past year. Each day, we’ll countdown in increments of 10 the most viewed articles and videos over all of 2022.


Here’s a quick look at Nos. 50 through No. 41.

And here is a breakdown of the next ten most viewed, Nos. 40 through 31.


40. Come watch the FIFA World Cup together in Aramco communities


39. Paying tribute to Max Steineke’s drive to help discover Ghawar


38. India’s Golden Triangle


37. Microalgae converting solar energy into chemical energy


36. Company launches Taleed to accelerate small- and medium-sized enterprise growth Kingdomwide


35. Quality inspector bests the field in first stage of our World Cup Contest


34. VIDEO: Aramco CEO credits higher prices, strong downstream margins, and hard-working Aramcons for record Q2 results


33. Aramcon defeats summer heat in tackling training for Athens Iron Man race


32. Design to deployment: Microwave multiphase flow meter for oil industry


31. Get ready for the upcoming Firefighter Challenge


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