Q2 Results

VIDEO: Aramco CEO credits higher prices, strong downstream margins, and hard-working Aramcons for record Q2 results

As it sees solid profits, company continues to work toward meeting climate goals.

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Amin Nasser, Aramco president and CEO speaks on the Second Quarter and Half-Year Financial Results 2022.


At a time when the world is worrying about energy security, we are investing in the future of our business.


Our customers know that whatever happens, Aramco will always deliver.


That confidence is reflected in our first half and second quarter financial results.


This year, we delivered record earnings driven by higher energy prices and strong downstream margins.


The world is calling out for affordable, reliable energy, and we are answering that call; investing in some of the biggest capital projects in our company’s history, expanding our gas business, growing our chemicals business, and moving forward with plans to raise our crude oil maximum sustainable capacity.


At the same time, we are deeply conscious of the need to meet climate goals. It’s why, in the second quarter of this year, we published our inaugural sustainability report, setting out our net-zero emissions roadmap.


We also took steps toward developing our blue hydrogen and ammonia business, made progress on our new lower-carbon synthetic fuels facility, and in June, we launched a new research center with our partners at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology).


Our record-setting performance was only possible because of our people; the thousands of Aramcons who have built the company’s success not only today, but in our pioneering past.


It is an uncertain time for the global economy, but one thing is certain: Aramco is getting on with the job, providing reliability, resilience, and a pathway to a lower upstream carbon future.


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