World Cup

Quality inspector bests the field in first stage of our World Cup Contest

Muhammad Adeel Rauf guessed 30 games correct in the group matches stage.

Quality inspector bests the field in first stage of our World Cup Contest

Muhammad Adeel Rauf won first prize in Aramco Life’s World Cup contest by correctly guessing the winners in 30 games during the group matches stage.


Coming in close second were contestants Meshal AlGhamdi, Ali AlBasisi, and Hussain AlHilal, who each picked 29 games correctly. Hassan Ibrahim was also in the lead with 28 correct guesses.


Rauf, a quality inspector working with Upstream Gas Project Inspection Division, said this was the best World Cup so far because it was full of surprises.


“I’m cheering for France and Brazil this year,” said Rauf, who has been a dedicated follower of football and other sports for many years. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is his fourth, and he’s not planning on missing a single game.


A passion for football and the World cup

His passion for the sport is perhaps why he managed to stay ahead of the competition on the World Cup leaderboard. “I’ve watched the three previous World Cup games and the following leagues and I like to stay up-to-date on sports news in general,” he said.


The games Rauf enjoyed the most were France vs. Senegal, Japan vs. Belgium and Argentina vs Saudi Arabia. 


There were so many upsets. I even started to doubt my predictions after a while.
— Muhammad Adeel Rauf


“I remember voting for Australia in their game against Denmark and seeing that only 12% of Aramco Life readers agreed with me. I got that one right though,” Rauf added.


While he has a good hunch about who is going to win each game, he has gotten into the habit of discussing the games with friends – even though they often disagree on who the winner will be. 


“Believe in your luck,” is Rauf’s advice to those hoping to get the second prize for getting the most correct guesses during the knock-out stage. 


“Japan are playing with their hearts but Croatia has a strong tactical team. There’s been so much upset this year so we can only guess who is going to be the winner,” said Rauf about tonight’s game.


Let’s play!

Who do you think will win? 


Comment below and share your predictions on the upcoming games. 


Don’t forget to keep voting on Aramco Life for a chance to win the second prize during the knock-out stage. And you could be the winner of the final and grand prize by getting the most correct guesses throughout the competition.


For this year’s quiz, we’ll be giving out three prizes for:


Correctly guessing the most winners during the group stages. Winner:  Muhammad Adeel Rauf (SAR3,000 gift card) 

Correctly guessing the most winners during the knock-out stage. (SAR2,000 gift card)

Correctly guessing the most results throughout the entire competition. (SAR5,000 gift card)


For more information about the competition, click here.


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