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This Day in History (1993): Wild parakeets add color, commotion

The care and maintenance of visiting parakeets has been a tradition for 10th Street home dwellers in Dhahran.

This Day in History (1993): Wild parakeets add color, commotion

From the Dec. 15, 1993, edition of The Arabian Sun


Flocks of parakeets are adding an exotic touch to the lush greenery on Ibis Street, just below the Dhahran Library. The tropical rose-ringed parakeets, visitors from India, feed on apples and sunflower seeds in the early morning and before sunset.


They roost in the dense foliage of the large trees that stretch back to the dining hall, but they congregate at the garden of Al (Max) and Shirley Gore for breakfast and supper.


If someone walks by, a cloud of 20 or more will erupt noisily into the air from the bird feeder. They wait impatiently on the telephone wires.


Their daily snacks of sunflower seeds and apples are served up courtesy of Max Gore, who carries on the tradition from the previous occupant.


When Gore moved to Tenth Street three years ago, his golfing companions told him that the previous occupant, with "boundless enthusiasm and endless ideas," fed the parakeets and had built a large pond and waterfall in the garden.


Caption for top photo: Drawn by a bounty of ripe apples, the long-tailed parakeets make quick work of a daily supply of treats. Passers-by enjoy the sight.


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